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Welcome to SharonFawcett.com. I'm honoured to be able to offer words of hope to others because I lived a seemingly hopeless life of private anguish for many years. I couldn't imagine a future filled with anything but more pain, but after I had journeyed from ruin to restoration I saw how my suffering caused me to grow in a way I never would have without it. It also made me a voice for hope. Please linger for a while, read about my journey, and learn why I tell so many who feel hopeless: Sometimes when it feels like we are at the bottom of the pit, the truth is we have never been closer to the top. There is always hope!

On my writing page, you’ll find stories revealing how God breathed new life into a broken young wife and mother, resigned to death after a brutal nine-year battle with depression and anorexia nervosa. Other stories will offer glimmers of hope as you face the every-day ups and downs of living...whether your quest is for purpose, passion, or peace. And read about my book, Hope for Wholeness, on the books page!

If you’re seeking resources on depression or eating disorders, or searching for encouragement or tools to help you grow spiritually, check out my recommendations on the recommended resources page. Looking for an uplifting message of hope and purpose for your church, group, or outreach event? You may find the ideal presentation on my speaking page.

I’d love to hear from you! Send a message through the form at the bottom of my contact page and let me know you stopped by.


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